More about Reid and Abby

Reid and Abby met on a blind date in April of 2011. A mutual friend of theirs thought they would make a great match, and asked to set them up. They both took a leap of faith and went on what would be the first (and last) blind date for both of them. “Drinks” turned into dinner and drinks, and four hours later they realized the restaurant was trying to close and they were the last ones there! And as they say, “the rest is history.”

They married in March of 2014, and reside in the Houston area with their dog, Wrigley (Reid is a Cubs fan, don’t fault him for that). Shortly after Reid was diagnosed with both illnesses, Abby and Reid started trying to grow their family. Unfortunately, they have hit some significant road blocks and experienced four pregnancy losses. They have recently gone through three rounds of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and after 3 frozen embryo transfers they are now expecting twins next spring!

Reid and Abby take on all of these challenges with hope and are expecting miracles. They share their story as a form of therapy, but also as a way to educate others and provide support to those struggling through similar situations. Abby blogs about their journey at